Pritzker Fellow Sister Simone Campbell on "Who I Am & Why Catholic Social Teaching Has Centered My Life"


(Current UChicago Students Only)


Tuesday, January 30

12:30-1:45 PM 


Together we will examine the central principles of CST: Upholding the Dignity of the Human Person; Social Nature of the Human Person; the Rise Above Individualism; Solidarity with the Human Family; Embracing the Right and responsibility to Participate; Uniting with Workers in Dignity; Standing with Those Who are Left Out; Sharing Resources with All and Nurturing the Earth.

This is an interactive process where I briefly introduce the principles and then have the participants go to one that draws their attention. We then discuss in small groups and share the results with the larger group. I will talk about how these principles have shaped my life, but the more important part is what it means in the broader society.


Pritzker Fellows seminars are off the record and open to current UChicago students only. Seating in the IOP Living Room is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


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