Pritzker Fellow Stephanie Murphy on "ESG: Good Corporate Governance or Misguided Wokeness?"


(Current UChicago Students Only)


Monday, November 6

3:30-4:45 PM


U.S. companies are under increased shareholder pressure to consider how environmental, social and governance issues factor into the company’s long term strategy to create financial value and also positive social and environmental impacts. Yet the issue of ESG implementation has become a political football in conservative circles, with companies being accused of “woke” policies and companies facing an unprecedented level of pushback on myriad ESG policies. In some states, there have been laws passed to prohibit companies from considering ESG, and those laws have subsequently been challenged. As the legal issues work their way through the judicial process, many companies find themselves navigating the precarious line between shareholder interests and politics. What are the best practices for companies? Discuss!


Special Guest (via Zoom): Bruce Mehlman, Partner at Mehlman Consulting and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy under President George W. Bush


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