Pritzker Fellow Kate Brown on "Climate Change: Lessons Learned From Indigenous Peoples"


(Current UChicago Students Only)


Tuesday, October 31

12:30-1:45 PM 


The impacts of climate change are not felt equally across the United States. Communities of color, rural communities and tribal nations are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather events. How can policymakers lift the voices of those most impacted as they work to curb greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of global warming and what lessons can be learned from state and local jurisdictions in Oregon and beyond? The landscapes and ecosystems that have sustained indigenous populations since before Europeans arrived in North America are increasingly threatened. How will tribes - there are nine major ones in our state to learn from - maintain their culture and way of life with the changing climate? Most importantly, what lessons can we learn from Indigenous people who have been on the lands since time immemorial?


Special Guest (via Zoom): Chuck Sams, Director of the National Park Service


Pritzker Fellows seminars are off the record and open to current UChicago students only. Seating in the IOP Living Room is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


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