This spring, thousands signed an open letter calling for a six-month halt to work on AI systems, fearing a “dangerous race” to develop programs that compete with human-level intelligence. ChatGPT, Bing AI chatbot and Alphabet’s Bard have been scrutinized by reporters, academics, lawmakers and ethicists warning of the exigent threat of AI. As a matter of policy – in the context of a haphazard decade of technology regulations – what should be done to ensure that AI can evolve without compromising privacy, security, unraveled human relations and a collapsed workforce across myriad industries?


Hear from Joan Donovan, one of the country’s most widely cited experts on our digital culture, technology integrator Elizabeth Adams, UChicago assistant professor Chenhao Tan, and author and game designer Ian Bogost, on one of the most widely discussed cultural innovations in a generation.