News of China's first population decline in decades, along with the country experiencing its slowest annual growth since the 1970s, sparks the question of whether there is room for the United States to excel. From former President Trump’s chin-out trade policies and the Biden administration’s attempt to shore up American supply chains and expand production of semiconductors to a new House special committee to investigate the Chinese government’s economic competitive advantages, the U.S. is pushing back. But China remains one of the world’s biggest markets and is still outpacing much of the world in industrial production. While there is broad bipartisan desire to counter China’s economic dominance, the question remains whether the American responses are too little too late?


Come hear from former Congressman Tim Ryan, Democrat of Ohio, on his legislative efforts to counter China; The Paulson Institute’s Damien Ma, managing director of MacroPolo; and China expert Margaret Lewis, a Seton Hall Law School professor.


Moderated by Craig Kafura, assistant director of public opinion and foreign policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.